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By on June 28th, 2013 in Service

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With all the new printable 3D model shops opening online, you’d wonder how they can possibly distinguish one from another. We’ve been examining Cuboyo and found they offer a convenient online experience for 3D model shopping.
The site contains only printable 3D models, greatly simplifying the shopping experience from typical and numerous 3D model online shops that don’t clearly distinguish between renderable and printable 3D models. Cuboyo operates in a manner similar to EBay: both buyers and sellers are accommodated. They say: 
Cuboyo allows 3D printable file designers to have unprecedented access to consumers, at the same time that consumers receive unprecedented access to a variety of printable files. The website effectively fills the gap between skilled designers and consumers. is now the virtual library for any type of useful object consumers can 3D print and use immediately. 
Switzerland-based Cuboyo doesn’t have that many models yet (77 as of our check), but we like the way they’re presented. Each model has its price clearly listed – along with download time, estimated print cost and estimated print time. These factors could be important if you’re in a hurry. Otherwise you’d have to download the model and run it through your slicing software first to determine the print time. 
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By Kerry Stevenson

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  1. Cuboyo is making an honest effort, but it doesn't really distinguish itself from all the other "me too" repositories. Other than making a payment, the experience is hardly any different from all the other "me too" repositories from which you might download an STL file.

    Over at TwistyPuzzles they're discussing a service called Layer By Layer, which is offering (among other things) some models from renown puzzle designer Oskar van Deventer. Judging from the discussion, the service has 3 things the other repositories don't: 1) unique software to "stream" a model from the service to a 3D printer, 2) models that are compelling, at least to a niche of puzzle collectors, 3) successful users discussing what they liked about the service.

    The discussion is here…

    As a puzzle collector myself, I would undoubtedly use the service just to get Oskar's puzzles. Alas, I don't have a compatible machine!

    Layer by Layer's software builds the model already configured, relieving the user of configuring a slicing tool or having to guess such settings as layer thickness, infill, duplicate shells, support strategy, etc. Sure, that's less versatile, but it may attract users who otherwise might never get around to building a model they downloaded. Indeed, from a beginner's standpoint it could be a compelling reason to choose Layer By Layer's *free* Secret Heart Box instead of downloading the same model free from Thingiverse.

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