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Over the past year Cubify has periodically released web apps for you to create customized designs. Some of the apps permit download of STL files for printing on your home 3D printer, and we suspect Cubify is hoping you’ll do it on your Cube 3D printer, even though the STL models could print on other printers, too. Other apps render much more complex, color objects that you can send to Cubify’s print service for production on commercial-level equipment. 
But at this point there are so many apps doing so many things we thought we’d better prepare a list for you. 
First, apps that provide downloadable STL for personal 3D printing: 
Cubify Draw: an iOS app permitting children to finger-draw a shape that is transformed into a simple 3D object. 
Party Glasses: a selection of funky glasses, best printed in the wildest color possible.
Cubify Love Notes: Valentine-ish notes in 3D form, obviously only printable in red plastic. 
Cubify Pics: Upload a high-contrast picture and have it transformed into a slightly-3D shape, suitable for printing. 
Cubify Rings: A wide selection of customizable ring components can be mixed together to get what you want: your own Super Bowl ring, perhaps. 
Cubify Bracelets: Customized bracelets, one of the easiest and most effective 3D prints possible on low-end personal machines. 
Cubify Earrings: Mix and match components and design features to create amazing earrings. 
Cubify Tags: Customized dog tags, usable on actual dogs. 
Alien Invaders: Spaceships! That’s all we need to say. 
Defenders: Create a customized 3D 1950’s style rocketship. 
Regalizer: Children-sized crowns of all shapes. 
Cubify also offers the ability to create much more complex customized objects, but because they’re in color, they must be printed on Cubify’s own color-capable 3D printers. 
Star Trek 3DMe: Send in photos of your face and have yourself 3D printed as an actual Star Trek figurine. Just don’t pick the Red Shirt, because, well, you know.
3DMe: Send in photos of your face and have them shaped onto a wide variety of 3D figurines in various common, interesting or downright strange figurines. 
FreshFiber iPad Mini App: Create a custom iPad Mini case using adornments you choose from a large selection.  
FreshFiber Sculpture Cases: The smartphone designs are unique for you because they are designed from an image you upload. 
Cubify Bugdroids: Create your own colorful droid using a huge selection of options. 
Cubify Robot Nation: Mix and match robot parts to create a unique robot of your own design.  
Will these be all that’s offered by Cubify. We think not. In fact, the possibilities for this type of object creation are literally limitless. Watch for more from Cubify. 
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By Kerry Stevenson

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