Cubify’s 3D New Content

Up to now Cubify’s 3D model content has been somewhat simplistic. Toys, simple personalized items and the like have been the staple of online 3D content within 3D Systems’s Cubify operation. But now they’re taking a different and far more serious direction.    If you hit the Cubify site now, (dubbed “2.0” by 3D Systems),… Continue reading Cubify’s 3D New Content

Cubify’s Advanced Material Cartridges

Cubify’s new Cube 3 includes a fascinating new feature: extremely simplified material loading, made possible only through the development of a new way to handle plastic filament.    The new cartridges are quite different from any generic spool you’ve seen before. They’re sealed to prevent dust and dirt from contaminating the filament (which eventually clogs… Continue reading Cubify’s Advanced Material Cartridges

Scan-A-Claus? In New York City?

3D Systems’ Cubify division announced a unique service: Scan-A-Claus, just in time for the holiday season. It’s a 21st Century take on a 20th Century tradition: a picture with Santa Claus.    Some readers may recall from their youth the sometimes awkward moments sitting on a strange Santa’s knee waiting for a professional photographer to… Continue reading Scan-A-Claus? In New York City?

What 3D Printers Will Be Announced at CES 2014?

Last year at CES 2013 in Las Vegas we saw the start of a pattern: two significant personal 3D printers we announced. Both MakerBot and 3D Systems showed off new flagship devices. As they have not released any new machines since then, we suspect they both plan big announcements.    But what could they be?… Continue reading What 3D Printers Will Be Announced at CES 2014?

Cubes In Harrods!

3D Systems’ Cubify division has made another notable retail move, this time sealing a deal with Harrods of London to display the Cube personal 3D printer at their flagship store in Knightsbridge.     Cubify has been rapidly expanding their network of resellers recently, but to be at Harrods is a big accomplishment. Harrods is a… Continue reading Cubes In Harrods!

Walmart Selling Cube 3D Printers – in Brazil

We know Staples sells Cubify’s entry-level personal 3D printer, the Cube, at an undetermined number of physical outlets in the USA. But now we learn Walmart also sells the Cube – but not in the USA; they’re available in Brazil.    The Cube is priced at R$5,758 (USD$2,478), quite a bit more than the standard… Continue reading Walmart Selling Cube 3D Printers – in Brazil

Cubify’s New Handheld Scanner

Cubify announced the “Sense 3D Scanner” in a surprise announcement. The 3D printer manufacturer has thus far produced only 3D printers, making the Sense a completely new product line.    It’s a handheld 3D scanner capable of rapidly capturing 3D shapes. We examined the specifications for the device and noted the following:    The scan… Continue reading Cubify’s New Handheld Scanner

Skip the Draft; Cubify Gets You Into the NBA Now

Cubify announced another terrific addition to their “3DMe” service, which puts your face on different 3D printed figurines. The awkwardly named but legally correct “3DMe™ Sports featuring NBA® app!” accepts as input a couple of facial images and applies them to a selection of basketball figurine poses.    The NBA part comes in when you… Continue reading Skip the Draft; Cubify Gets You Into the NBA Now

Cubify’s Software Pricing Breakthrough: Cubify Design

In a rather underplayed announcement, Cubify announced new software yesterday that deserves much more splash. Cubify Design could significantly change how people use their personal 3D printers.    Cubify Design is a low-priced 3D modeling tool, but it’s quite different from other free or inexpensive modeling tools. The key feature is that Cubify Design can… Continue reading Cubify’s Software Pricing Breakthrough: Cubify Design

Cubify’s Bloody Halloween

Cubify has added a new app to generate 3D models just in time for Halloween: 3DMe Horror!    Previously Cubify has offered to place your own head on top of far nicer bodies such as Star Trek characters, but now you can obtain a 3D printed, full color figurine of yourself as a Zombie, or… Continue reading Cubify’s Bloody Halloween

Exclusive: Inside the CubeX Factory

Hidden in the sleepy coastal town of Clevedon, UK, lies the secret factory that produces 3D Systems’ CubeX 3D printer. We recently toured the factory to find out how these popular machines are created.    Aside from a modest research and development unit, the entire facility is dedicated to production of CubeX’s. It is indeed… Continue reading Exclusive: Inside the CubeX Factory

Cubify Releases “Draw”

Yet another easy-to-use Cubify app has been released: Draw. It’s actually an iOS app where you can simply “draw” a shape with your finger.    The shape drawn is a 2D trace, but the Draw app expands its thickness and extrudes it into a solid shape. You’re permitted to either email the corresponding STL file… Continue reading Cubify Releases “Draw”

Cubify Launches 3DMe

Billed as “Personalized 3D Printed Figurines”, the new Cubify 3DMe service does just that. Upload a photo of a face and paste it on one of several pre-made figurines and they’ll 3D print you. Literally.    There’s quite a large selection of figurines to choose from, including Male/Female, Sports, Jobs, Costumes and Occasions. For example,… Continue reading Cubify Launches 3DMe

The New CubeX 3D Printer

We wondered what would happen to Bits From Bytes (or “BFB”) as they were known. They last updated their 3D printer line with the 3DTouch about a year ago. Would they announce a new printer in 2013?   Yes and no, it seems. Parent company 3D Systems announced the new CubeX personal 3D printer, the… Continue reading The New CubeX 3D Printer

Cubify’s Ornaments

Just in time for the holiday season, Cubify released a new 3D model generation tool, Cubify Ornaments. “Ornaments” joins several other very easy-to-use online tools capable of quickly generating 3D models suitable for 3D printing on your own printer.    Similar to their other apps, the three-step process involves selecting a type of ornament, sizing… Continue reading Cubify’s Ornaments

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Another Cubify App: Pics

3D Systems’ Cubify division certainly likes you to do the designing. They’ve been pumping out “generator apps” for various 3D models for several months and now they’ve added on for pictures.    The “Pics” app is rather simple compared to their other customizable models. You need only select a “frame” shape, upload your picture and… Continue reading Another Cubify App: Pics

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Cubify’s Bugdroids

3D Systems’ Cubify service announced yet another 3D model creation service: Bugdroids! The new service joins several existing services that enable anyone to create fun 3D models directly from your browser.    Like their previously released Robot Nation app, Bugdroids permits tons of droid customization, including various structural adornments as well as colored stamps.   … Continue reading Cubify’s Bugdroids

Cubify’s Rings and Earrings

Cubify has been very busy lately. They’ve introduced a way to “design and personalize your own rings” very soon after launching a similar method for producing customized earrings.    Both cubify “apps” work similarly: select various physical features of rings or earrings. The apps include a very wide variety of preselected shapes and icons, as… Continue reading Cubify’s Rings and Earrings

Cubify Invent 3D Modeling Software Available

3D Systems has announced a new software tool to accompany their consumer-oriented Cube 3D printer: Cubify Invent.    One of the major issues with a 3D printer is getting great content to print. While 3D Systems has to provide pre-made models, there is also the possibility of Cube owners making their own models. However,… Continue reading Cubify Invent 3D Modeling Software Available

A Few Cubify Developments

3D Systems’ Cube personal 3D printer has only been available for a few weeks now, but this week we noticed a few interesting developments.    First, there’s a new video out showing a bit more of how the device works. We specifically were interested in the portion where they showed how to change the filament.… Continue reading A Few Cubify Developments

You May Now Order Your Cube

First announced in January of this year, 3D Systems’ latest personal 3D printer, the Cube, is now available for pre-order.    The highly consumer-oriented device first came to light at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, where its ease of use features were very noticeable. The USD$1299 device was not available then, and actually isn’t yet… Continue reading You May Now Order Your Cube

The Cube on CNN

Big media coverage for 3D Systems this week: 3D Systems CEO Abe Reichental appeared on CNN to demonstrated their new USD$1300 “Cube” personal 3D printer. Reichental explained the basics of 3D printing to the audience and said that although 3D printing has been around for decades for industrial applications, 3D Systems is now “democratizing” the… Continue reading The Cube on CNN

More on Cubify

As we mentioned the other day, 3D Systems was set to announce something big at CES and they did: plenty of details on the new Cubify system are now available. Cubify is a very comprehensive 3D printing “system” involving a new personal printer, 3D print services, an online community, a model repository, an API and… Continue reading More on Cubify