Design of the Week: Orihon

By on October 21st, 2013 in Design

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This week’s selection is Manchester, UK, born, but Chicago-based artist Tom Burtonwood’s Orihon, a 3D printed accordion book. 
The piece is interesting because it involves texture, something not normally found in books. Each “page” of the book contains a different texture based on real-life scans taken with the 123D Catch application. It’s a 3D print, but it’s intention is that you touch it. He says: 
I have been thinking for some time how it would be nice to produce a 3d printed book of textures and reliefs. To publish and distribute all the wonderful architectural patterning and decoration we enjoy here in Chicago and beyond. This is the prototype for that idea.
If you’re up for a multi-part 3D print, you might try replicating this item yourself, since the models comprising it are available at Thingiverse for free download. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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