Design of the Week: Imprinted Bodies

By on November 18th, 2013 in Design


This week’s selection is Imprinted Bodies by NYC-based sculptor Lilia Ziamou. It’s actually two pieces, and . While the pieces are certainly not as dramatic as some by other artists, there is a story behind these unusual works. 
Ziamou explores the “concept of the female body”, using “curve and crevice”. She initially develops the shapes in a traditional  manner using stone, clay and plaster, but then uses 3D scanning to create a digital representation of the work. 
Once in digital form, however, Ziamou reinterprets the sculptures using biometric data to “imprint” a new form. The result is printed on a ZCorp z650, creating the physical sculpture. 
Lilia describes the process here: 

By Kerry Stevenson

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