A 3D Printing Mutual Fund?

By on February 20th, 2014 in Corporate


Don’t want to miss out on the massive growth of 3D printing companies? Not sure where to invest your cash? There could be an answer for you. 

Outlook Funds Trust announced the launch of the “3D Printing and Technology Fund”. It’s a mutual fund that will invest in a variety of 3D printing stocks, whereby your investment in the fund gains a piece of all those investments. Specifically, their goals are: 

The Fund will invest in equity securities issued by U.S. and non-U.S. 3D printing and technology companies. “3D Printing”, or “additive manufacturing”, produces three-dimensional objects from digital models. 3D Printing and technology companies include, among others, those in the manufacturing, biotech, computer software and hardware industries. In selecting securities for the Fund, the Adviser uses a “top down” approach to create a universe of securities in which the Fund may invest. The Adviser then employs a research oriented “bottom-up” investment approach to create the Fund’s investment portfolio, focusing on company fundamentals and growth prospects when selecting securities.

It’s not exclusively 3D printing, as the “And Technology Fund” indicates. We think that’s a good thing because there simply aren’t very many 3D printing companies today with publicly tradable stocks. Diversity is important in any investment portfolio. 
On the other hand, you could simply buy your own stock in 3D Systems and/or Stratasys and you’ll be riding the 3D printing wave. 
Via 3DP Fund