The Unfortunate End of a 3D Print

By on February 20th, 2014 in Ideas


An unfortunate incident occurred at the 3D Printshow last week. While browsing the incredible artistic 3D prints in the gallery, a massive shattering noise was heard. 

A hush came over the crowd as it became clear that somehow one of the artist’s works was spread over the floor in a great many small pieces. A ceramic piece that we weren’t able to identify had apparently toppled off its display table and impacted on the hard floor. 
We did not see the incident directly and do not know how it actually happened, but the fellow in the image above was suspiciously near the scene of the accident.
There is one thing we can say, however: if you’re checking out intricate 3D prints, look but Do Not Touch. Many prints are extremely fragile and they’ll easily break. Don’t even think of “checking the strength” of any protrusion, or you could be in a picture similar to the above. 

The artists thank you.

[UPDATE: We’ve now learned that this incident was in fact a stunt put on by a TV show. No innocent 3D prints were harmed. However, our advice still stands: Don’t Touch! ]