M3D’s Micro 3D Printer

By on February 20th, 2014 in printer


Many new 3D printers are available, but M3D’s new Micro 3D printer has some very intriguing features we haven’t seen before. 

The Micro 3D is on a mission: It’s specifically designed to address the burgeoning consumer market, starting with it’s incredibly low price: USD$199! To be sure, that is their discounted launch price, but the eventual target price of USD$350 is still very low for a functional assembled 3D printer. Note, though, that this is a small volume 3D printer, with a max build of only 109 x 113 x 116 mm. Small is ok, we believe, because most consumers won’t be printing very large items anyway. 

What makes the Micro 3D different? M3D’s engineers have remade some 15 different components to reduce cost, with the biggest difference being power. The Micro 3D consumes only 15 watts of power. Less power-hungry stepper motors seem to be the key, as well as some mechanical changes, like a carbon fiber motion system. Many of the features are solid state, suggesting good reliability. It has excellent performance, too, as the spec sheets say 50 micron resolution is possible. 

The Micro 3D also includes ceramic heating and a maintenance free calibration system that should vastly simplify things for any consumer. 

The company hopes to start with 10,000 units; the design has been optimized for mass production. You’ll see their Kickstarter launch this March. 

Via M3D