The ECV-One 3D Printer

By on February 19th, 2014 in printer


There’s a new personal 3D printer from French-based e-crew vis: the ECV-One. This printer does offer some unusual features. 
Like many recent 3D printers, the ECV-One includes a heated bed and dual extruders within its generous 248 x 250 x 205 mm build volume. It also prints common 3D printer filaments such as ABS, PLA, HIPS and PVA on its borosilicate glass print surface. 
But then the specifications get more interesting. 
The ECV-One also prints PE, PET and something they call “stone” and “rock”. We’re not quite certain what they might be, other than perhaps ceramic-like filaments. [UPDATE: We’ve learned these are in fact the notable LayWood and LayBrick filaments.]

As you can clearly see in the image above, the ECV-One has a fully enclosed build chamber, but there’s more: the specifications indicate the machine includes a “heated build chamber”. While the heated bed may incidentally heat the chamber somewhat, it seems as if the device has active heating elements for the chamber itself. (Note that this would be an infringement of Stratasys’ patent, but so long as the device is not sold in the USA, they should be OK.)

The ECV-One also includes a color touch screen, which is starting to emerge as a standard feature on more advanced machines. It’s possible to print GCode or even STL right from the touch screen. 
One more unusual feature is a big red “STOP” button for emergencies. A nice feature, but we’re not sure how useful it would be given the chamber is enclosed, thus preventing accidental finger traps requiring instant stops. 

Via e-crew vis (Hat tip to Fred)