Leapfrog’s Tall Experiment Becomes a Product: The Creatr XL

By on February 18th, 2014 in printer


While visiting the Leapfrog booth at Euromold, we were struck by a very curious and unannounced 3D printer. Now it’s become a product. 
The Creatr XL is pretty much the same as the original Creatr, but with a rather large difference: it’s incredibly tall. While the base Creatr provides a healthy print volume of 230 x 270 x 200 mm, the XL version is a truly massive 230 x 270 x 600 mm. 

It’s three times the height!

When we enquired about the strange machine at EuroMold, we were told it was merely an experiment that was being shown off. But evidently there was such significant interest in a tall machine that Leapfrog decided to make it a real product. 
And there it was, sitting in Leapfrog’s booth at the NYC 3D Printshow
There’s one other major difference from the original Creatr: the price. The base Creatr sells for €1,500 (USD$2,056), the Creatr XL is available with a six week lead time for €3,999 (USD$5,479).

Via Leapfrog