$40K In Prizes for the Singapore 3D Printing Contest!

By on March 13th, 2014 in Event


If you’re a 3D modeler and want a chance at a big prize, you definitely should check out this contest. 

First held in 2013, the event put on by Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University’s Additive Manufacturing Centre now wishes to repeat last year’s success with a new 3D printing design contest. 

The event is divided into two separate competitions: one for Jewelry and the other for Architecture. 

The Jewelry contest’s rules are pretty standard, with the proviso that the jewelry design must be “orchid-inspired”. (Orchid is the national flower of Singapore.)

The Architecture contest seeks a “new urban concept for underground structures or between high-rise buildings”. 

Both contests have three modes of entry: 

  • Singapore School Student (Prize of USD$5,000)
  • Singapore Tertiary Student (Prize of USD$5,000)
  • Open to anyone, anywhere (Prize of USD$10,000)

Most Fabbaloo readers will qualify for open entry and we think you should strongly consider entering, as the prize of USD$10,000 is very large compared to most similar contests. The contest closes May 5th.