The 2014 3D Print Cup

It’s the second version of the 2014 3D Print Cup, a contest sponsored by Will you enter?

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The 2014 Extreme Redesign Contest

Each year Stratasys sponsors a terrific contest for students, designers and young entrepreneurs: the Extreme Redesign Contest. We’re awaiting the announcement of the winners. 

The Extreme Redesign Contest Returns

Each year Stratasys sponsors a 3D print design contest for students at various levels of academia. Often the contest produces amazing innovations and we expect no less this year.    They’re expecting STL files to be submitted that exhibit “creativity, practicality and mechanical function”.    As in previous years’ contests, three categories of entry exist:… Continue reading The Extreme Redesign Contest Returns

IDSA Launches 3D Printed Car Contest

The Industrial Designers Society of America is sponsoring a rather unusual 3D printing contest, which culminates at their August 12 annual conference.    The design part of the contest is straightforward: submit a design that is “beauty / fun / thematic” and uses “unique attributes of 3D printing”. Designs must employ specific supplied axles and… Continue reading IDSA Launches 3D Printed Car Contest

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A Raspberry Pi 3D Print Challenge

Are you a designer looking for a challenge? The team of Raspberry Pi, Autodesk 123D and i.Materialise have opened up a contest to produce the most “original and fun” case for a Raspberry Pi in polyamide material.    If you don’t know, a Raspberry Pi is an integrated single board microcomputer suitable for embedding into… Continue reading A Raspberry Pi 3D Print Challenge

CGTrader Announces Design Contest Winners

Each design contest brings out the best in creativity from its participants, and the recent “It Was Made Real” 3D print competition by CGTrader was no different. They’ve just announced the winners of the competition and we’re very impressed with the results.    The winner was a bust of a SciFi “Traveler”, by Pixel Artist/Vertex… Continue reading CGTrader Announces Design Contest Winners

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Win a Replicator 2X In Manchester

A 3D modeling contest has been launched that offers a complete MakerBot Replicator 2X as first prize. The sponsor is unlikely for a 3D contest: 2D print cartridge company    Nevertheless, a contest is a contest. This one involves producing a figurine of an “original 3D character”, “your ultimate action hero”. The organizers will… Continue reading Win a Replicator 2X In Manchester

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Michigan Tech’s 3D Printers for Peace

The recent development of 3D printed weapons has caused others to strive for more peaceful uses of the technology.Michigan Technological University, a.k.a, Michigan Tech, has launched a new competition: 3D Printers for Peace.    The contest requires you to design a 3D printable object that is peaceful. Wait, what does that mean? They explain:   … Continue reading Michigan Tech’s 3D Printers for Peace

Win an Ultimaker 3D Printer from GrabCAD

If you have ideas for new toys on your brain, consider entering GrabCAD’s new “Ultimaker 3D Printer Toy Design Challenge”. Your entry could win you a brand new, fully assembled Ultimaker personal 3D printer.    In fact, GrabCAD and Ultimaker are offering no less than five Ultimakers as prizes, four of which are fully assembled.… Continue reading Win an Ultimaker 3D Printer from GrabCAD

What’s In Your PrintCave?

Sports fans might have a ManCave, equipped with a wall-sized flat screen, cushy recliner chairs, bar fridge and chip bowls. But what makes up a PrintCave?    A 3D printer, obviously, and perhaps storage for filament. But what else might you have in your PrintCave? Tools? Showcase of your best models? Lighting? Something you have… Continue reading What’s In Your PrintCave?

The Winner of the 2013 Extreme Redesign Contest Is… What?

Each year Stratasys sponsors a contest among students to find the most fascinating and useful 3D designs. Winners of the Extreme Redesign Contest receive prints of their designs as well as scholarships – and fame, too. We always take a close look at the winners as they typically exhibit ingenious creativity.    But this year… Continue reading The Winner of the 2013 Extreme Redesign Contest Is… What?

Want a Free Up! 3D Printer?

Who wouldn’t want one? Now’s your chance to get one by entering PP3DP’s Instructables contest. The contest is pretty straightforward: post an Instructable (a set of detailed instructions on how to make something) on the Instructables site between January 7th and April 1st that “shows off your skills as a maker”. You’ll then be eligible… Continue reading Want a Free Up! 3D Printer?

3D Printing Design Contest – And the Winners are…

The 3D Printing Design Contest generated some pretty incredible designs. The imagination and ingenuity of our entrants impressed our judges.  The Grand Prize Winner of the 3D Printing Design Contest wins a $2000 cash prize, and all winners receive $100 and a 3D print of their model created on a Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer.  Thanks… Continue reading 3D Printing Design Contest – And the Winners are…

3D Print Design Contest has launched a four week 3D print design contest. Readers may consider entering this contest as it has few rules and a grand prize of USD$2,000. will print nine winning entries on their Stratasys MOJO 3D printer and ship them directly to you.    Three winners will be announced each week, beginning… Continue reading 3D Print Design Contest

Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Design Challenge

We’re reviewing the winning entries to Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Design Challenge and we like what we see.    There are some very interesting designs, including the winner above: The String Case by FCPRS. It’s quite startling to see how inventive designers can be given the constraints of an iPhone case.    Strangely, the winning entry… Continue reading Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Design Challenge

3D Printed Design Awards In Barcelona

Barcelona’s Association of Industrial Design has selected several student projects for Student Industrial Design Awards at the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and we had to show them to you because, well they’re amazing!    The winning entry was designed by student Marion Frei, who came up with a unique “Vinculum” system for identifying… Continue reading 3D Printed Design Awards In Barcelona

You Can Help Makerspaces Today

Many Fabbaloo readers are members or supporters of Makerspaces – those amazing local labs offering the public the opportunity to gain low cost access to 21st century making equipment and expertise. From these establishments ideas become reality, experiments are resolved and businesses are born.    We’ve learned of a way you (yes, you) can directly… Continue reading You Can Help Makerspaces Today

Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Contest

3D print service Sculpteo has launched an interesting contest for those interested in designing unique cases for iPhone 4’s. They’re seeking “the best iPhone 4 case that you could ever imagine with 3D printing”. Judging will be done by a panel composed of “design and 3D printing professionals and representatives of Sculpteo”.     Specifically… Continue reading Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Contest

The 3D4D Challenge

There’s a new 3D printing contest about to begin, but this one is a little different. The 3D4D Challenge is focused on charity. Organized by techfortrade and sponsored by 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot and 3D printing consultants Econolyst, the contest commences on May 1st.    We can’t say much more about the 3D4D Challenge at… Continue reading The 3D4D Challenge

Extreme Redesign 2012 Winners Announced

The 2012 Extreme Redesign Contest is completed and the winners have been announced by sponsor Stratasys. Winners were selected in four categories: Middle/High School, College Engineering, Art & Architecture. Winners received USD$2500 scholarships and runners-up received scholarships of USD$1,000 each.    As usual, the winning ideas (as well as those placing second and third) were… Continue reading Extreme Redesign 2012 Winners Announced

Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

Stratasys sponsors the Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge each year and they’ve just announced the finalists in the three categories: Art & Architecture; Middle / High School Engineering; College Engineering.    An inspection of the list shows a huge variety of entries from across the world. This challenge is not a US-only event by any… Continue reading Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

Shapeways’ Peek Into Imagination: Finds Apple’s Siri

Popular 3D print service Shapeways often runs contests to stimulate creativity – and increase their print volume. This past week saw the conclusion of a rather interesting competition to answer the abstract question, “What Does Siri Look Like?” Siri, of course, is Apple’s voice-powered omnipotent assistant.    There were multiple entries to the contest, each… Continue reading Shapeways’ Peek Into Imagination: Finds Apple’s Siri

Win an Objet 3D Printer

There seems to be a great many 3D printing contests lately, often offering a prize of “your object being 3D printed”. Some even offer a personal 3D printer as a grand prize. But the prize in Instructable’s “Make it Real” contest is a little different. Say, USD$50,000 different: they’re offering a complete Objet 30 3D… Continue reading Win an Objet 3D Printer

Time to Enter The Extreme Redesign Contest

Stratasys’ annual Extreme Redesign Contest for students is open – but only until the deadline of February 2. If you’ve been thinking about entering, think no longer because you’d better fill out the forms straight away.    The contest enables students in grade school as well as university to enter a design (product, enhancement, art… Continue reading Time to Enter The Extreme Redesign Contest

Extreme Redesign Contest Winners for 2011

The winners in Dimension’s Extreme Redesign contest for this year have been announced! As is the case every year, the contest has three major categories: College, Art & Architecture, Middle/High School. Buildings & Bridges and Puzzles & Games.    You can check out all the winners at the link below, but a couple of items… Continue reading Extreme Redesign Contest Winners for 2011

Free 123D T-Shirts!

Autodesk is running a promotion to raise interest in their new web-based 3D modeling tool, 123D, which we’ve written about before.    You don’t get a t-shirt for nothing, though. You have to make an image of your original 3D Jack-o-lantern design and share it within their online gallery. This could be easier than you… Continue reading Free 123D T-Shirts!

Win Thousands From Formero

Australian 3D Print service Formero is running a contest for the “most creative and innovative use of Objet 3D printing technology”. The prize: AUD$1000 and AUD$2000 worth of Formero’s 3D print services. That’s AUD$3000 in total for one of you creative readers.    The contest, called “When Images Come To Life” is pretty open as… Continue reading Win Thousands From Formero

Augmented Human Contest

One is always amazed at the imagination of 3D designers who produce unusual objects and applications using 3D printing technology. Now i.Materialise has gone further and started a contest with the most unusual theme yet: Human Augmentation. In other words, they’ll give a prize to the designer who invents the most interesting item that can… Continue reading Augmented Human Contest

Jewelry Design Challenge

3D print service i.Materialise is running a new contest for “new concepts, techniques and ideas in jewelry design”. Given the startling designs already present in 3D printed jewelry, we’re extremely interested in seeing what kinds of items are generated in this contest. i.Materialise thinks so too, because:    Ten winners will be selected and their… Continue reading Jewelry Design Challenge

OurBricks’ $250 Modern Life Contest

3D Model online sharing service OurBricks has launched a design contest where the prize is fame (and USD$250) and the theme is simply “Modern Life”. If that sounds perhaps slightly ambiguous, you’d be right. According to OurBricks representative Henrik Bennetsen:    OurBricks is hosting a design competition for 3D artists. The theme is “Modern Life.”… Continue reading OurBricks’ $250 Modern Life Contest