The Ultimate Ultimaker 3D Print?

By on March 4th, 2014 in Usage

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While at the NYC 3D Printshow we took a close look at an incredible 3D print that you could print yourself at home. 

It’s the In Bloom Dress by XYZ Workshop, a “fully 100% 3D Printed piece that was not only wearable but had qualities of movement within it.”

The dress is composed of 106 separately 3D printed panels that are linked together. It’s printed with Ultimaker’s PLA Flex that permits some wearer flexibility beyond the linkages between panels. 

Here’s the really interesting part: all pieces were produced on an Ultimaker personal 3D printer. Statistically, the 106 panels took some 265 hours and 15 mins to produce, using just under 1kg of material. In other words, this could be made for as little as USD$60!

We believe this is a breakthrough. Most previous large 3D printed fashion elements involved production on expensive commercial 3D printers, sometimes costing literally tens of thousands of dollars per outfit. Now, it appears you can attempt the same thing on your home 3D printer. 

If only you had the 3D model. 

But you might. According to XYZ Workshop: 

We are currently working with Ultimaker to make the digital files of our dress available to the public, to encourage more “makers” to play and push the boundaries of personal 3D Printing and 3D fashion.

Right on! 

Via XYZ Workshop