WI3DP: Rachel Nhan

Rachel Nhan was among the featured designers on the runway. Rachel became famous in the 3D Printing industry thanks to her 3D Printed Neckpiece, before even graduating!

CLAWZ Is Coming

CLAWZ is a fashion company using 3D printing to produce radical luxury press-on nails. We spoke with them to find out more. 

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3Doodler to the Extreme: SHIGO X

One of the biggest winners in 3D printing crowdfunding has been 3Doodler. After a year of experience it seems they’re still finding out what’s possible with their machine. 

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WonderLuk’s Curated 3D Designs

3D printers require 3D models in order to function, so it’s no surprise we see multiple startups hoping to supply great 3D models for printing. One of them is WonderLuk. 

Bow & Drape’s 3D Printing Venture

According to a report in the Wall St. Journal, New York startup Bow & Drape has raised USD$1.2M in new investment, specifically for developing new lines of customized fashion accessories using 3D printing. 

Cubify’s 3D New Content

Up to now Cubify’s 3D model content has been somewhat simplistic. Toys, simple personalized items and the like have been the staple of online 3D content within 3D Systems’s Cubify operation. But now they’re taking a different and far more serious direction.    If you hit the Cubify site now, (dubbed “2.0” by 3D Systems),… Continue reading Cubify’s 3D New Content

Continuum Fashion Speaks

Mary Huang, co-founder of Continuum Fashion recently spoke at a LeWeb event, where she described some of their work to produce ready-to-wear 3D printed shoes.    Ms. Huang explained the basics of 3D printing, which is still new to many. It seems that 3D printing with desktop equipment is actually quite suitable for the production… Continue reading Continuum Fashion Speaks