Cubify’s Sense 3D Scanner Now Support OS/X

By on April 17th, 2014 in Software


While Cubify has been selling their inexpensive handheld “Sense” 3D scanner for some months, it is now supported under OS/X. 

Cubify has had a habit of releasing software only for the Windows platform and only occasionally has provided OS/X versions. We think this could detract from their sales as there are a great many creative people using OS/X that would consider using 3D printing or related products. 

Offering the “Sense” software for OS/X makes sense. It’s one of the lowest cost products offered by Cubify and ensuring it can run on more platforms can only be good. We’re hoping this is a signal that 3D Systems and Cubify now recognize OS/X as an important platform to consider in the future, as multiple 3D Systems products still only work on Windows. And we’re not going to start discussing Linux availability. 

Meanwhile, we’re still quite puzzled by Cubify’s habit of locking down each software copy to a specific hardware serial number. Most of Cubify’s software cannot be used unless you “activate” it by providing a serial number from your machine. This is curious, as the software would only work with Cubify’s hardware anyway. Wouldn’t people like to check out the software before they purchase the hardware? 

Via Cubify