Oxfam Partners with MyMiniFactory

By on May 16th, 2014 in Corporate, Design


3D printing is powerful and can, like atomic power, be used for good and evil. Today we’re learning about one of the good uses. 

Oxfam, an organization charged with eradicating poverty worldwide, has partnered with iMakr’s MyMiniFactory service to develop 3D printable designs suitable for resolving a variety of issues facing the impoverished. They describe their relationship in this way:

  • Oxfam needs design solutions now to solve unique problems that occur during humanitarian emergencies; traditional design & procurement processes are inefficient.
  • Bespoke products that can be designed for the specific problem and quickly tested in the field.
  • iMakr will facilitate through MyMiniFactory platform peer to peer collaborative design and 3D Printing by calling on your time and skills.

It will work through a series of challenges, where Oxfam will post a specific and real problem – with specifications – and you will be able to contribute your creative designs that attempt to solve the issue. The first challenge is “Hand Sanitization”, where a hand washing device will encourage hygiene and water conservation Syrian refugees. 

The specifications include a variety of requirements, ranging from the functional to the look and feel. Submissions may be sent in for evaluation.

The rest is up to you. 

Via MyMiniFactory