The China Challenge

Charles Goulding, Jr. considers how 3D printing might help the U.S. both compete and cooperate with Chinese manufacturing.

This 3D Print Entrepreneur Needs Your Help Today

Chris Thorpe, the person behind “I Can Make”, needs your assistance TODAY.  Thorpe is one of only ten finalists selected from hundreds of entries vying for an opportunity to pitch their innovative idea to Sir Richard Branson and a panel of distinguished and successful entrepreneurs this May. It’s part of Virgin Media Pioneers’ Pitch to… Continue reading This 3D Print Entrepreneur Needs Your Help Today

CGTrader’s Massive 3D Print Competition

There’s a lot of 3D print competitions lately, but this one seems to involve more prizes than we’ve seen before. CGTrader’s “3D Printing Competition” seeks fully 3D printable models to be uploaded before June 30th, when they will be judged by CGTrader staff.    What makes this competition different is the quantity and quality of… Continue reading CGTrader’s Massive 3D Print Competition

Making It Real at OCAD U

Canada’s OCAD University is sponsoring a juried exhibition of digitally fabricated objects between May 14-28 during the Toronto International Jewelry Festival. Specifically they’re concerned with the fuzzy boundary between prototype and finished product. They say:    Virtual objects occupy a grey area between representation and realization. How do we define the point at which a… Continue reading Making It Real at OCAD U

3D4D Challenge Claimed By WOOF

The 3D4D challenge winner was announced and it’s the University of Washington Open Object Fabricators, a.k.a. “WOOF”. They received the prize of USD$100,000 during the recent 3D Printshow in London.    Their winning entry was a method to “enable waste plastic to be used as filament for 3D printing machines, to create new products”, and… Continue reading 3D4D Challenge Claimed By WOOF

The 2013 Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge

Each year Stratasys sponsors an excellent competition between students to determine the most interesting and useful 3D printable designs. This year they’re launching the 2013 edition of the Extreme Redesign Challenge.    The rules are very similar to previous years: submitted designs compete for scholarships and an opportunity to print out their design. Nine winners… Continue reading The 2013 Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge

MCOR’s Talents

Here’s a new challenge specific to a particular 3D Printer: the Freedom of Creations (FOC) Talents design brief Quarter 4 2010 requests “end product application and design for Paper Rapid Prototyping (PRP)“. In other words, “what’s a commercially interesting object to print on the MCOR Matrix 300 paper 3D printer?”   FOC has been running… Continue reading MCOR’s Talents

The Gada Prize

We’ve seen tremendous achievements in recent years through the excitement generated by a series of startling X-prize challenges. Now there’s one addressing 3D printing, specifically the RepRap project. The Gada prize, to be awarded to a winning team on January 1st, 2013, intends on dramatically improving the capability of open source 3D printing. Some USD$20,000… Continue reading The Gada Prize

Enter The Shapeways Student Contest

Shapeways 3D print service announced a brand new contest, this one for students only. Named the “2010 Shapeways Full Color 3D Print Student Contest”, it would appear this is an annual affair. It’s called a “Color” contest because the idea is to print your model with Shapeways new color material, “Full Color Sandstone”. One major… Continue reading Enter The Shapeways Student Contest

Finalists Announced in 3D Printing Contest

The annual Dimension 3D Extreme Redesign Contest has announced nine finalists in three categories.   High School Category Finalists: Robby Ridzy, Medina County Career Center, Brunswick, Ohio: Gutter Guide Maxwell Krist, Eckstein Middle School, Seattle, Wash.: Electricity Usage Meter Korrina Reed, Milford H.S., Milford, Ohio: Fragrance Bracelet    University Category Finalists: Donald Nicholson, Columbus State… Continue reading Finalists Announced in 3D Printing Contest

SpaceNavigators Are Free!

We’re a big fan of SpaceNavigators, those pleasant-feeling 3D controllers that are most often found in your not-the-regular-mouse hand. The SpaceNav is compatible with a long list of 3D software, ranging from most modelling tools to 3D games.   There’s several types of SpaceNavs available from maker 3DConnexion, including more advanced models with many buttons,… Continue reading SpaceNavigators Are Free!

BlenderArtists Competition

i.Materialise has launched a design challenge on Blender designers at the BlenderArtists site: “ is the most popular community site dedicated to the free, open-source 3D animation program Blender. On the site, users of the program can discuss their artwork, ask questions and find resources such as textures and tutorials.” The competition closes on February… Continue reading BlenderArtists Competition

Material of the Year!

  Last month blog Material ConneXion announcement the winners in their new MEDIUM Award for Material of the Year. This is the first annual presentation of this award, and it was given to Concrete Canvas’s Concrete Cloth material. This innovative material mixes fabric with concrete that “allows it to be quickly and easily molded and… Continue reading Material of the Year!

Extreme Redesign 2009

Dimension Printing has announced their annual “Extreme Redesign” competition for 2009-10. The annual event highlights innovative designs created by students. As usual, there are several categories of entries: High School College Engineering Art & Architecture This year Dimension have added a new feature: a US$250 Green Bonus, awarded to a student “whose design best displays… Continue reading Extreme Redesign 2009

(Un)Limited Design Contest!

  The Dutch FabLabs have organized a design contest that may be of interest to Fabbaloo readers. According to Bas van Abel, Creative Director of the Waag Society: Why put up with existing products when you can make your own? Today, powerful digital fabrication technology lets you design and build almost anything, and we want… Continue reading (Un)Limited Design Contest!

From 3D, Comes Infinium!

  The University of Michigan has spent more than USD$1M to produce the above pictured Infinium solar car, which is to take part in the World Solar Challenge race across Australia. Yes, “solar” means the sun will be the only fuel for this bad boy during the 1,800 mile six day race. Why are we… Continue reading From 3D, Comes Infinium!

CATIA Design Visualization Contest

  A post at 3D Perspectives shows some of the great entries into their recent Design Visualization Contest. While some of the visualizations were well beyond the capability of 3D printers alone today, others might well be attempted on current technology, such as Dominik Wolm’s second place winning entry above. Via 3D Perspectives and YouTube

3D Printing Up For Award

  Could a 3D Printing company win the prestigious World Technology Award? MCOR technologies, whom we’ve written on several times in past months, is nominated in the IT Hardware (Corporate) category for their amazing plain paper-based 3D printer. The World Technology Awards are an annual event featuring numerous awards in many categories: … nominees are… Continue reading 3D Printing Up For Award

Extreme Redesign Winners Announced!

  Dimension Printing’s annual contest for imaginative designers has concluded for 2008-9 with the winners being announced. They are: University category: Chris Triska & Alexander Soloviev of Toronto for their imaginative light switch cover High School: Jordan Berger of New York for her fun Alphabet Blocks (we liked that one a lot) Art and Architecture:… Continue reading Extreme Redesign Winners Announced!

Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

  Dimension Printing holds an annual contest to find amazing 3D designs by students. Winners receive scholarships in various amounts. Entrants were in three categories, as usual: High School, University and Art & Architecture. We’ve taken a quick look at the finalists, and all projects are quite interesting. However, those that caught our eye included:… Continue reading Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

Langford’s Prints

Sean Langford is a “lead artist at Green Grass Studios”, where he works on “modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, compositing, and editing”, but his “focus has always been on character creation”. Recently he entered a model into 3DTotal’s periodic Sculpting Challenge and came in second place. With this amazing magical staff model shown above. Here’s the… Continue reading Langford’s Prints

Extreme Redesign Repeats

For the fifth year Stratasys’ Dimension 3D Printing Group is running their annual Extreme Redesign: The Ultimate 3D Printing Challenge. According to the press release, it’s: a global design and 3D printing contest for high school and college students that awards scholarships to the winners. Over the past four years, more than 2,500 entries have… Continue reading Extreme Redesign Repeats

Finalists in the Ultimate 3D Printing Challenge

Dimension is a well-known name in the 3D industry, and one reason why this might be is that they hold an annual 3D Printing Challenge. This year’s Challenge involves three categories:   a high school level engineering challenge a college-level engineering challenge an art & architectural challenge open to students of all grade levels Dimension… Continue reading Finalists in the Ultimate 3D Printing Challenge

Ponoko Contest Winners

The lads at Ponoko (a New Zealand-based prosumer-oriented fabbing service) have announced the results for the Invitation Round of their Jewelry Design Challenge. Truly amazing designs were devised by Ponoko’s customers. Steven from Ponoko said: There were a spectacular number of creative and interesting designs, and it was VERY hard for all involved to choose… Continue reading Ponoko Contest Winners

3D Modeling Contest points out an “International Modeling Contest”. No, it’s not a runway in Milan – it’s a 3D design competition. Specifically, the contest seeks new designs for a scooter’s body and body parts. The contest is held by the SDT Institute Sezana, with major sponsors being Rhinoceros, Z Corp and Materialise. Oh, note that entries… Continue reading 3D Modeling Contest

NASA Seeks 3D Printing

NASA’s Langley Research Center has posted an invitation for solicitations for a “high resolution 3D printer”. At first we thought this device might be headed to outer space, ready to rapidly produce any missing spacecraft parts during deep space missions. However, we then saw the specs: 110 VAC power requirement. Of course, we all know… Continue reading NASA Seeks 3D Printing

Generator X 2.0 Revisited

Remember back to early December? We posted about the GeneratorX 2.0 workshop, an exhibition of designer works who used various digital fabrication techniques to produce amazing items. ArtDaily reports on a presentation entitled “Beyond the Screen”, where participants from the GeneratorX 2.0 workshop will show their works. As we’ve suggested many times before: there are… Continue reading Generator X 2.0 Revisited

Generator.X 2.0

Generator.X 2.0 is a “a workshop and exhibition about digital fabrication and generative systems” in which 15 designers will be selected to participate. Using modern digital fabrication techniques, including 3D printing and laser cutting, the artists will explore the possibilities of these new manufacturing mediums from an artistic and architectural point of view. Applications close… Continue reading Generator.X 2.0