PUNGAS Creates New Fashion Category

By on May 1st, 2014 in Usage

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A project has invented what we believe to be an entirely new category of fashion accessory: Shoe Accessories by PUNGAS. 

Their idea is to provide interchangeable clip-on art forms to your shoes. PUNGAS is a line of such accessories.

Being 3D printed, the PUNGAS line includes all manner of shapes, colors and textures that can be attached to your shoes in many combinations of attachment points. On their Kickstarter page you can purchase a wide variety of attachments in multiple materials, ranging from USD$25 metal eyelets to a USD$300 collection of solid gold attachments. 

Even better, the project will actually open source their patented connector, enabling anyone to produce their version of shoe accessories. It may seem a bit strange for a company to give such a useful advantage, but we see method here. 

But some background first: PUNGAS is developed by a collaboration between 3D print artists, 3D print service Shapeways and the makers of HICKIES

Wait, what are “HICKIES”? According to their tagline, they are:  

HICKIES is a patented groundbreaking lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces and turns any shoe into a slip-on

Now this makes sense: they’re developing a type of open source maker ecosystem around their lacing system. It’s a brilliant plan, and as what’s likely the first such venture in shoe accessories, they may succeed. 

If they do, we want the golden horns. 

Via Kickstarter (Hat tip to Collin)