Mary Huang’s Actually Wearable 3D Printed Shoes. No, Really!

We’ve all seen images of fantastic 3D printed shoes over the past couple of years, but if you were to look close and handle them, you’d find they weren’t particularly wearable. Now that’s set to change. 

Designer Mary Huang has developed a new line of shoes, “Myth”, that, according to her are wearable. She says: 

Each design is 90-100% made from components manufactured on small desktop machines, optimized for scalable 3d printing production. Hand finishing on the shoes is kept to a minimum, in keeping with the goal of making finished consumer products from 3D printers, so that designs manifest directly from digital to physical.

Even better, Huang intends on developing new pairs for the Myth line: 

New designs will be released every month or so, and will expand to flats and boots down the line.

We believe this to be significant. Here we have a fashion designer who is now regularly producing totally wearable 3D printed items. Aside from “hard” pieces like jewelry, we’re not sure any other 3D printed fashion has these properties. 

Via Continuum Fashion

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