Giant Creature 3D Printed

By on July 23rd, 2014 in Usage

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Some folks have 3D printed a truly gigantic monster that might be one the largest 3D prints ever attempted. 

There may be larger prints performed by experimental outdoor concrete 3D printers, but the “BodocK” was produced with plain old industrial 3D printers. It’s a collaboration between Legacy Effects, the Stan Winston School of Character Arts and Stratasys, who together made Bodock. 

Bodock is a character indeed. It’s a spectacular sight to behold, as it is 4.1m (13.5 feet) tall and 3m (9 feet 9 inches) wide. We’re not certain how heavy it is, but it likely requires a crew of monster-sized individuals to move around. However, in the video you’ll quickly notice that it moves by itself. 

How was it made? Apparently different types of Stratasys gear were used, including their massive Fortus 900mc, which can deposit extruded plastic up to 910 x 610 x 910mm (36 x 24 x 36 inches). We wouldn’t be surprised if Stratasys’ latest Object Connex 500 color 3D printer was also used to create some of the colorful details. 

Fabbaloo friend and Legacy Effects Lead Systems Engineer Jason Lopes says: 

The true value of using Stratasys 3D printing on the Bodock project was the time savings – being able to go directly from design to the end use part without having to add additional steps in the process. This is a huge step forward for Legacy Effects in incorporating 3D printing for end use materials in their designs. Never have we used such a large scale of directly 3D printed parts on a project of this scope and magnitude. This truly showcases the strength of this material and the ease of post-processing and finishing.

Legacy Effects is well-known for their incredible ability to create amazing characters, which no doubt you’ve seen in many popular recent films. 

Why build this item? It’s a promotional piece to be displayed at the San Diego Comic Con, which just happens to open today. 

Via Stratasys