Magicube’s 3D Model Repository

By on July 11th, 2014 in models, Service


Several readers suggested we check out Magicube, a new repository for free 3D models. So we did. 

Magicube is one of several new 3D models repositories that have emerged, possibly in response to backlash against the largest repo, Thingiverse, for perceived wrongdoings. It’s now a pretty competitive space, with each repository vying for customers to buy or download models and competing to attract the works of great designers. 

So what’s the key attraction to Magicube? At first, it seems to offer the normal features of a 3D model repo: searching, categories, ratings, etc. There are definitely not very many models; Our count was about twenty, which is very small for a public repository. 

Unlike some of the new repository entrants, all models on Magicube are free to download. Many new sites may offer free models, but we’re seeing charges for some models, particularly the really interesting ones. 

But here’s the difference with Magicube: the site offers an “Adult” category, which we haven’t seen elsewhere. Most sites have various policies that would prohibit such material, but apparently not so at Magicube. The “Adult” category offers two sub-categories: “Toys” and “Weapons”. Currently there’s no entries in the Weapons category, which is probably a good idea. Defense Distributed were shut down by the US government when they offered free 3D models of firearms, so Magicube should monitor model submissions carefully. 

Each repository seems to end up with a de-facto specialization. Magicube appears to be no different. Final advice: you might want to read our post on FoodSafe printing

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By Kerry Stevenson

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