Need a Spare Part? 3D Print It!

By on July 11th, 2014 in Service

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MyMiniFactory is testing a different approach for attracting 3D print services: printing replacement parts for common household equipment. 

It’s a very typical scenario. The knob on your washing machine cracks off and after hours of searching, you learn the price of a factory replacement part is only USD$45. You know that the actual price of producing that knob is only pennies, but having no other choice you grudgingly purchase the accursed knob and are reminded of the expense every time you use the machine. 

If you happen to have 3D modeling skills, it’s possible to design a replacement and print it on a 3D print service or even on your own machine if you have one. If you can’t design a replacement, you might get lucky by searching Thingiverse or other 3D model repositories and locating the correct 3D model of your part, but that’s tedious and unlikely to succeed. 

Now iMakr’s MyMiniFactory division attempts to solve the problem by providing a curated repository specifically for such replacement parts. You’ll be able to not only request a printed version of the part from them, you’ll be able to download the 3D model at no charge for production on your own 3D printer. Currently the repo offers a variety of lens caps, camera mounts, tools, knobs and more. 

If you’re faced with a broken whatever, you might try checking MyMiniFactory’s repository for a solution. 

Via MyMiniFactory