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By on July 19th, 2014 in Service

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We’re checking out another 3D model repository that’s specifically designed for printable 3D models: Redpah. 

There are many similar sites now, but most of them have a problem with the amount or quality of 3D models available. Redpah, as of this writing, has over 300 printable 3D models available for download. Models exist in many categories and there are some unique items there you may like to print.

Where do new 3D models come from? From designers, so the trick for 3D model repositories is to attract designers that can deliver their works into the repository. Redpah uses a commission-based approach, like some other services. But there’s a little twist in the commission rates. 

Some 3D model repositories charge huge amounts for a single 3D model, while others deliver free 3D models. Redpah’s approach is simply free or very low cost. Of their 300+ models, almost half are downloadable free of charge. The remaining purchasable 3D models are still quite reasonably priced: 25% are under USD$1, with the rest under USD$10, except for two models priced over USD$20. 

Because of the low pricing, Redpah has had to develop a hybrid commission system. For items priced under USD$5, the commission is 40% of the sale, whereas for items over USD$5, the site takes only 20%. Will this attract designers? Perhaps, but competition for designers’ attention is fierce. On the other hand, if designers can place their products in as many sites as possible, why not? This is definitely permitted as per Redpah’s terms of service. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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