The Fumeless ZYYX 3D Printer

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We haven’t yet seen one in person, but we really like the features of the new ZYYX 3D printer. 

The ZYYX, produced by Sweden-based Magicfirm Europe, a subsidiary of the Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Magicfirm, includes several features we haven’t seen previously on a personal 3D printer. Some of these features we’ve been waiting a long time to see. 

The ZYYX does include a complete set of standard personal 3D printer features, such as 50 micron layer size, heated build plate, enclosed build chamber, and a single extruder, and all that with a generous build volume of 270 x 230 x 195 mm. It also includes a Simplify3D software license for very easy file preparation. But what sets it apart are these features: 

Easy access extruder. We don’t care which manufacturer you happen to be, there will eventually be filament stuck in the extruder. Some machines require slight disassembly to access the extruder to repair the problem, but the ZYYX has a fascinating “flip up” feature that permits very easy access. 

Removable build plate. The build surface is glass, but you can remove it for much easier removal of printed objects. The plate is held in place by magnets, so removal and re-installation couldn’t be easier. Even better, we’d recommend installing a third party flexible plate on top for even easier object removal. 

Automatic bed calibration. The ZYYX probes the build plate at three points before each print and electronically adjusts the plate to be perfectly level every time. 

Fume free. This is a feature we’ve been asking for a very long time. While the ZYYX is completely enclosed, it also includes  a low speed fan and an activated carbon filter. As fume laden air is pulled out of the build chamber, it passes through the filter (note image above), hopefully removing any toxic and smelly elements. This means you can not only print more advanced materials like ABS and Nylon, but you can do so safely and comfortably. 

The ZYYX is priced at a reasonable €1,550 (USD$2,080). It might be a bit more than some other 3D printers, but it includes features few others may have. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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