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By on September 14th, 2014 in Service

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3D printers require 3D models in order to function, so it’s no surprise we see multiple startups hoping to supply great 3D models for printing. One of them is WonderLuk. 

WonderLuk takes a different approach to providing 3D models: they curate their collection and work with selected 3D designers. Currently they have seven designers associated with their operation and hope to recruit more. 

The other difference is focus. While some 3D model services strive to satisfy everyone by presenting models from all genres, WonderLuk focuses solely on women’s fashion jewelry. CEO and Co-Founder Roberta Lucca told us their goal is to: “Take 3D printing to fashion”.

In their world, it’s not so much about 3D printing but instead about the result: fantastic designs delivered to clients. We strongly agree with this approach; 3D printing on its own should not be the measure of success – results are more important for customers. 

The company’s products are all very attractive and leverage 3D printing’s unique capabilities. 

While many of their designs are intended for 3D printing using conventional plastics, such as dyed nylon, they are also experimenting, apparently successfully, with 3D printed precious metals. As you can see in this image, their process works pretty well. 

We’re impressed with WonderLuk’s focus. It has become exceedingly difficult for new entrants to address the entire 3D printing model market given the competition’s lead.  The best way forward is to select a specific design domain and do it well. 

And that’s exactly what WonderLuk is doing. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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