3D Printing Stereotypes in Media

By on October 9th, 2014 in coverage, Ideas


We’re looking at an animated video featuring a 3D printer, but not just to be entertained.

The curious video of something called “World Doctors”, episode nine, “Evil 3D Printer” by Mondomedia features a 3D printer. A bioprinter, actually. We thought viewing this video might be a way to judge how the non-technical, likely uninformed public might be thinking about the technology these days. 

What misconceptions did we find? Here’s a list of some things we observed during the short three minute video:

  • You can 3D print an actual human liver, suitable for transplantation 
  • You can print items merely by imagining something and not providing a 3D model (although the notion of a “fork with straw” is intriguing)
  • 3D printing is instantaneous
  • A 3D printer can print a better 3D printer (also without a 3D design)
  • A 3D printer can choose not to print something (the protagonists attempted to 3D print a gun, but the printer refused)
  • A bioprinter can print non-bio objects
  • 3D printers are sentient machines
  • 3D prints can appear outside of the printer’s build volume
  • 3D printers are evil

Well. If this is the current consumer view of 3D printing, we have a very long way to go. Either in terms of education or making 3D printers smarter. Much smarter. And eviler, too. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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