The Strooder Filament Maker

By on October 9th, 2014 in Hardware

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OmniDynamics is a Bristol (UK) based company that launched a Kickstarter campaign this past June to develop a compact, accessible and robust filament extruder. 

The campaign was very successful and their £20,000 (USD$32,000) goal was exceeded over threefold to reach a final total of £64,300 (USD$104,000).

Their product, the Strooder, was developed to accelerate adoption of 3D Printing at home by reducing the cost of producing high quality low cost filament, since buying pellets can cost as much as five times less than buying ready-made filament.

Strooder was developed to be a beautiful, safe, easy to use and versatile filament extruder. It includes overheating sensors and through sneaky design, no exposed heated parts, thus making it quite suitable for home use. The Strooder comes with pre-loaded settings for various types of materials (such as PLA and ABS plastics).

Strooder comes with a choice of three different nozzles 1.75mm, 2.85mm and 3mm, the most common filament diameters for personal 3D printers, to satisfy everyone’s needs. 

Strooder was designed and is currently being manufactured in UK to ensure the quality of the product.

Via Kickstarter

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