Design of the Week: The Destiny Fusion Rifle

By on October 25th, 2014 in Design

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This week’s selection is an amazing replica of a weapon from a virtual world. 

Do you play Bungie’s Destiny shooter? Perhaps you’d like to have a rifle from the game – in real life. 

You now can, as designer Elliot Viles of London has constructed a 3D model of the “Conduit F3 burst-fire legendary fusion rifle”. According to the description on MyMiniFactory, where the model may be freely downloaded: 

Like other fusion rifles, this weapon was created by reverse-engineering technology captured from enemy species.It can be obtained from Lakshmi-2 for 150 Crucible Marks after reaching rank 3 in Future War Cult reputation and from decoding rare and legendary Special weapon engrams.

This relatively complex model is provided in both a single model and a “kit” with a dozen or so parts. The best plan would be to print each part and then assemble them, as you can print pieces in different, but coordinated colors. One caution: one of the parts is 374.82mm in length, which may not fit within the build volume of most personal 3D printers. You may have to do some 3D model editing to chop this piece in half.  

We’ve occasionally seen artifacts make the leap from a virtual world to the real world before, but they’re not common. This one is a particularly good example, but it took someone’s hard work to get it done. We’re hoping the makers of virtual worlds recognize the capabilities of 3D printing and begin to include features that could permit more easy methods of making the virtual real. 

One final point: Be extremely careful if you take this item out, as passers-by may mistake your realistic print for a real weapon and report you to the authorities. 

Via VentureBeat and MyMiniFactory

By Kerry Stevenson

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