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If you have any notion of creating your own 3D printed fashion, you’d best take advantage of this opportunity. 

You may have seen some of our numerous posts on 3D printed fashion. The reason we publish these items is simply because the fashion world pushes the envelope of 3D printed design far beyond “normal”, whatever normal means in 3D printing these days. 

When you see 3D printed fashion in person it is usually overwhelming. Design features, colors and capabilities are things seemingly unimaginable by normal humans, let alone actually making them real. Yet it’s been done. Don’t believe it? Check the video below:

Now we see one of the most notable 3D printed fashion designers, Francis Bitonti, who not only designed the fabulous “Dita’s Gown” in the video, but also an array of other items including these surreal shoes below, is putting on a course describing how to go about generating such designs. 

Specifically he’s focused on computational design for 3D printing during the ten day course held at Digits2Widgets in London, 12-23 January early next year. The course is pricey, being ten days in length, but will cover a wide swath of the technology involved. According to Bitonti’s description, the course will be: 

A study of multifaceted skin textures. Looking at both human and animals while investigating textures such as feather, fur and hair, this workshop will continue to focus on the investigative use of computation to create new morphologies, including research of both organic and synthetic skins textures.  We will continue to study the design and fabrication of complex differentiated articulated textiles. We will examine not only how to create articulated 3D printed flexible fabrics, but how to create textures that transform with movement and animate themselves across the body.  We will then synthesize this research into the creation of an articulated garment in a studio based, collaborative environment.

If you have a serious interest in 3D printed fashion design, you’d best check this out. 

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