The Portabee Go 3D Printer

By on November 26th, 2014 in printer

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What’s the latest from Portabee? The “Go”, a mobile 3D printer. 

We first wrote of Portabee back in 2012 when they offered a very inexpensive 3D printer kit designed for portability, hence their name. It was a basic machine for the time, offering a limited build volume at a then-reasonable price, USD$499 for the kit and USD$680 for an assembled unit. 

Today we see Portabee’s new “Portabee Go” system, which is significantly advanced over its predecessor. The go has impressive specifications: 

  • Larger build volume of 120 x 160 x 120mm
  • 0.35mm extrusion nozzle using 1.75mm filament
  • Layer size of only 50 microns (0.050mm)
  • Aluminum and steel construction
  • Designed for printing in PLA plastic only
  • Automated calibration (build plate leveling)

But wait, the best feature is, you may have guessed, portability. The “Go” can literally fold itself up into a robust metal case for work on the go. You need no special case for this printer – it is the case itself. 

Oh wait, there’s even more. The Go is fully assembled, comes with a six month warranty and costs only USD$595. One catch: 

Please note there is a lead time of 10 weeks as we are in the process of scaling up manufacturing 2014. Extra PLA material is included (of assorted color) as compensation for the wait.

We’ve not seen these capabilities in a portable 3D printer, so this may be the choice for 3D printing on the road. 

Via Portabee

By Kerry Stevenson

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