The Structure Sensor

The folks who developed Skanect, one of the best software solutions for 3D scanning with your Microsoft Kinect, have launched a new scanning venture: the Structure Sensor.    Occipital, the company behind the sensor, bills it as “the world’s first 3D sensor for mobile devices.” The device attaches to iOS devices via the Lightning connector,… Continue reading The Structure Sensor

Kees 3D Printed Cases

We’ve run across a new 3D print service called “Kees”, which specializes in personalized mobile phone cases. While there seems to be oh, a zillion iPhone case options out there, the Kees service permits significant customization, as you can see in the image below. Each option offers many different choices, with dozens of backgrounds and… Continue reading Kees 3D Printed Cases

Nokia’s 3D Printing Adventure

Nokia has long used 3D printing internally to design cases and shapes for their handsets, but now they’re permitting customers to do the same.    Nokia has released the 3D model files required for designing your very own back cover for their new Lumina 820 handset. The model includes the structures required to match the… Continue reading Nokia’s 3D Printing Adventure

SparkLab: BuildMobile

Of all the Kickstarter-style 3DP projects we’ve seen lately, the SparkLab concept may be the most valuable to society. No, you won’t get a fancy sculpture but you will get the satisfaction of supporting the spread of 3D printing and DIY making knowledge.    What is the SparkLab concept? It’s quite simple. They proponents realized… Continue reading SparkLab: BuildMobile