The Orcabot 3D Printer

By on December 16th, 2014 in printer


We’re checking out the Orcabot personal 3D printer today. 

The Orcabot is a RepRap-based unit marketed by Mendel-Parts, who in turn are now owned by Prodim International, a manufacturer of  industrial measurement solutions. With funding from the new owner, Prodim believes it can make the Orcabot a success. 

The Orcabot XXL Dual is their most recent version, which, as you might imagine, includes two print heads. But there’s a twist: these are INDEPENDENTLY MOVING. This means you can actually print with two filaments at the same time!

This mode could theoretically significantly increase the speed of multi-material prints, as the typical dual approach involves printing only from a single head at a time, often requiring the “other” print head to repeatedly heat up on each layer’s print sequence. However, it’s not clear whether their software actually permits this mode, as it would have to ensure collisions do not occur. 

The aluminum-framed Orcabot includes a heated bed, enabling reliable printing of most filament-based materials, including ABS and Nylon. The machine has a very generous build volume of 360 x 280 x 230mm, one of the largest you’ll find in a personal 3D printer. Layer resolution is specified at 0.050mm, about the same as most other similar devices. 

It’s now available for just under €4,000 (USD$5,000)

Via Mendel-Parts

By Kerry Stevenson

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