Hands On With uformit’s Personalized 3D Print Service

By on December 17th, 2014 in Service

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We spent some time testing the new uformit generative 3D model service and found some amazing results. 

Our business manager, Marney Stapley, tested the service, which provides anyone with the ability to easily create a unique 3D model – and print it, too. She reports: 

If I can design it, you can too. It started with an idea to choose a design from Uformit. 

I choose the Polar Pendant. When I went on its design page this is what it first looked like: 

It first appears as a flat disc shape. I chose silver gloss and started to customize using the simplified controls for this model. 

I started to customize my design by adding loops, soft blending, grow centre, 2 inside and 2 outside angles, the outside and inside thickness. 

It took me at least an hour to design my pendant. 

In the end it was perfect. Well, to me it was because at uformit they believe that design should be personal and with their Pendant service they invited me to find out what that could mean. 

I had minor difficulties ordering: apparently their online shop was not set up to ship to my location. I guess I was the first to encounter the problem, but it’s now solved after a quick discussion with uformit. It should work fine for everyone now.  

I didn’t wait long for its arrival, as delivery met my wait time expectations, in spite of the challenges of producing a beautiful 3D print in solid metal. 

It arrived in a simple elegant box. 

And here is the finished design. 

Any that knows me knows that most days I am wearing it. Because I designed it. And it was 3D Printed. 

Via uformit

Fabbaloo Business Manager Marney Stapley normally handles our business transactions, but has fallen in love with 3D printing, especially when she can wear some. 

By Marney Stapley

Marney is Fabbaloo's busy business manager, who normally works on marketing and sales - but occasionally writes a story for the blog itself.