Want a LulzBot? They’re Giving Away 32 of Them!

By on February 21st, 2015 in Event

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Aleph Objects wants to show their support for collaborative communities by giving away several 3D printers. 

It’s their Fourth Annual LulzBot Hackerspace Giveaway program, in which 3D printing equipment will be gifted to selected hackerspaces participating in the program. 

Last year Aleph Objects gave out twelve 3D printers, but this year the company is set to deliver no less than 32 machines. They’ll be either the new LulzBot Mini or a full-size TAZ machine. 

It’s a contest, however, and not every applicant will be successful. These are the official qualifications:

  • Own a community-operated physical space,
  • Maintain a website/wiki,
  • Offer a basic set of tools and equipment,
  • Believe in sharing resources and knowledge to build and make things, and
  • Use and contribute to Free Software and Open Source Hardware projects and communities.

And you cannot be a school or library. 

Questions being asked include: number of members, age of operation and non-profit status, so we suspect these may be of interest to the judges. Who are the judges? It’s the “LulzBot Team”. 

A key factor will no doubt be the “use and contribute to FOSS/H” qualification, which is specifically being asked in the application. Some of the hundreds of cooperative fabrication spaces around the world will do a lot of that, while others may do less. 

If you think your community could qualify, then you’d best fill out an application at the link below – and do it before the contest closes at midnight MST on March 1st. 

Via LulzBot

By Kerry Stevenson

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