Extreme Redesign Challenge Winners Announced

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Stratasys has announced the winners in their annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge. 

The annual contest is intended to promote the awareness and creativity of 3D printing among students, and it certainly does so. We’ve watched this event for several years now and there’s always some very intriguing designs proposed by students. Contest winners receive 3D prints of their projects, cash awards and for some, an all-expense paid trip to a regional 3D printing conference. And don’t forget the publicity of the selected designs on Stratasys’ website. 

The contest offers three prizes in each of three categories: Art & Architecture, Engineering (Secondary Education level) and Engineering (Post-Secondary level). Of the nine amazing prize winning designs (and all can be examined at the link below), we found the following to be most interesting: 

“Helico” Helix-Shaped Sharpener (image at top):

Helico’s Design motive comes from the goal to simplify the manual motion of sharpening a pencil. A product of elegance that appeals to artists and designers alike. The Helico sharpener features an ergonomic form mathematically generated and prototyped by modern digital tools. The sharpener conveniently moves in the form of a helix. This combines rotational force and linear force into a single helical movement, for simplifying the gritty act of sharpening a pencil in a simple fluid movement.

HUNCH 2015 Zero Gravity Scale: 

The design is a zero-gravity scale, meaning a device that will measure the masses of different objects in space. The project takes advantage of centrifugal force on objects. The objects pulled by centrifugal force are attached to force sensors that measure the force exerted on the objects.

Ice Twist, an unusual take on the common ice cube tray: 

Conventional Ice trays are a nuisance. From sink to cup, the common process of making ice cubes is inconvenient and messy. Unlike typical ice trays that are not enclosed, Ice Twist’s innovative design features a sealed bottle shape which prevents spills, making the product accessible to users who have difficulty with balance and steadiness. The closed form protects the water from contaminants during the freezing process which guarantees safe and clean ice.

But really, all of the designs were quite interesting and we encourage readers to check them out. 

Via Stratasys

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