Solidscape’s Massive China Deal

By on August 12th, 2015 in Corporate

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Solidscape is well known as a maker of high-resolution 3D printing gear that’s focused on the jewelry market. Now they’ve struck a massive deal in China to expand.

They’ve partnered with Kangshuo Group, who operate a large China-based 3D print service, which just happens to make use of Solidscape machines. The partnership involves setting up four print service bureaus in China with up to 1,000 Solidscape 3D printers! 

The first such bureau, shown above, is 80,000 square feet and includes 100 3D printers. The deal also includes a requirement to supply “China’s 3D printing education initiative with large quantities of Solidscape 3D printers”. That would be beyond the 1,000 units for the service bureau component. 

Here’s the actual announcement: 

That is an awful lot of 3D printers, and so the agreement also specifies the construction of a 21,000 square foot assembly facility where Solidscape 3D printers will be produced locally in China. It’s pretty clear they’re expecting to make a great many 3D printers. 

Our previous research found that Solidscape has deployed around 4,000 units in the world, suggesting that the 1,000+ units in China will be a very significant portion of their output – and revenue. 

Given that Solidscape’s machines retail for up to USD$55,000 per unit, this deal could be worth as much as – or more than – USD$55M! And that doesn’t count the revenue obtained from sales of 3D printing services and materials. 

It’s a massive deal for the Stratasys-owned Solidscape. 

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