The China Challenge

Charles Goulding, Jr. considers how 3D printing might help the U.S. both compete and cooperate with Chinese manufacturing.

Ten 3D Printed Sustainable Homes Produced in 24 Hours

An experimental revolution is underway in China to use 3D printing techniques to build houses. This rapid construction process was demonstrated to build ten small houses in 24 hours predominantly from recycled materials. The company behind it is Suzhou-based construction materials firm Winsun.

China Filament for your 3D Printer: Yes or No?

Owners of personal 3D printers require a supply of plastic filament to fuel their favorite device, but where should they purchase it from?    The obvious and first answer is to simply buy it from the manufacturer of your printer. Most manufacturers, especially the larger manufacturers, often have a division that will sell you a… Continue reading China Filament for your 3D Printer: Yes or No?

3Doodler: CLONED

You always hear about offshore product cloning, but it’s a shock to see them. We were directed to the “Good Luck Buy” site, where we saw what appears to be an almost perfect clone of the famous 3Doodler 3D printing pen: the 3D Printing Pen for 3D Prototype Modeling.   3Doodler, you may recall, recently… Continue reading 3Doodler: CLONED

World’s Largest 3D printer built in China

Dalian University of Technology has announced the development of the world’s largest 3D printer.   The massive laser sintering 3D printer has a build volume of 1.8m3 and can reduce print processing time by some 35%. In addition, the printer’s “contour scanning” printing technique can also reduce manufacturing costs by 40% when compared to other… Continue reading World’s Largest 3D printer built in China

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China Turns to 3D Printing

Apparently some 40% of 3D printer installations are in the United States, while other countries lag significantly behind. China is positioned at only 9% despite being the world’s leader in manufacturing.    That may change as a new conference specifically focused on 3D printing took place in Beijing. The World 3D Printing Conference, which concluded… Continue reading China Turns to 3D Printing

.MGX Exhibits in Shanghai

i.Materialise’s .MGX high-end retail operation is currently exhibiting their wares in Shanghai. Open until June, the exhibit is apparently the largest display of .MGX artifacts “ever shown in the region.”   If you are near Shanghai, you might consider dropping in to the IndustrialRevolution.MGX exhibit, located at Room 1-214, No. 10 Shajing Road where you… Continue reading .MGX Exhibits in Shanghai

China 3D Printing Stocks Rising

According to a report on China Daily, the stock price of a number of Chinese 3D printing companies suddenly surged after a Chinese government official spoke of boosting the sector.    The unnamed official evidently said, “China is likely to draw a long-term route map for 3D printing technology to boost development for the emerging… Continue reading China 3D Printing Stocks Rising