The 3D Printed Vortex Dress Is Coming

By on September 17th, 2015 in Design


Fashion designer Laura Thapthimkuna has developed a startling new 3D printed fashion design: the Vortex Dress.

The Vortex Dress is a fully 3D printed article that represents Thapthimkuna’s interpretation of black holes in our universe. 

Originally sketched by Thapthimkuna and transformed into a solid 3D model using ZBrush, the Vortex Dress is sure to gain recognition. 

Thapthimkuna launched a Kickstarter campaign today to raise the funds required to physically produce the Vortex dress, which will cost a considerable amount due to its size and strength requirements, as well as post-print finishing. Backers will not actually receive the dress, but can receive a variety of related materials, ranging from images, ebooks to scaled-down models. 

We spoke with Thapthimkuna to find out more about the project. 

Fabbaloo: Who is on your team? Or is it just you? Where are you located? 

Thapthimkuna: My team consists Stephen Ions, UK based 3d artist who did the 3D sculpting of the design on the computer. And an architect/fabricator based in brooklyn that is working with me on the engineering stage-that I”m still waiting on whether or not wants to be mentioned.

Fabbaloo: Tell us about the Vortex dress. What makes it different?

Thapthimkuna: I think what makes the dress  different is the concept behind it and the overall design. I really tried to doing something quite different and very sculptural. I wanted to create a dress with no apparent beginning or end to it structurally. Something organic feeling with mathematical elements.

Fabbaloo: What triggered the idea of producing the Vortex dress?

Thapthimkuna: The Dress was inspired by the theory of space and time combined together to create a fourth dimension and how black holes distort and work space-time.

Fabbaloo: How will you produce the dress? What 3D design software will be used, which printers/print service will be used and how will the dress be assembled?

Thapthimkuna: I will print the dress through the 3D printing company I.materialise. The software used Zbrush and Maya. The engineering of the dress is being worked on currently, I’m hoping to print it in 2 large sections that will have a customized connection method.

Fabbaloo: What is the idea behind the Kickstarter? Why is funding required? What benefits will sponsors receive? 

Thapthimkuna: The purpose of kickstarting this design is because I do not have the funds to print it myself out of my own pocket. I also want to use the campaign as a platform to engage people with the design and see the potential with 3D printing. Rewards for pledges will include prints of the design, actual scaled down versions of the design, and full size sliced out sections of the dress to name a few.

Fabbaloo: What plans exist for the dress after the kickstarter? Will the dress be displayed? Will you produce more fashion items? 

Thapthimkuna: After the kickstarter I plan to present the design to museums to exhibit, use in a film, photo shoots, and present on the runway. 

If you’re interested in supporting this project, please hit the link below to find out more about the Vortex Dress. 

Via Kickstarter

By Kerry Stevenson

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