3D Systems Announces Culinary Events

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3D Systems set dates for five upcoming events where they will explain 3D printed food techniques to the public. 

The events come from 3D Systems’ “Culinary Lab”, which was formed from their acquisition of Los Angeles-based Sugar Lab a few years ago. 

Since that acquisition, 3D Systems has delved into 3D food printing in an experimental way. They’ve released a series of 3D food printers, including the ChefJet and CocoJet. The ChefJet seemed to us to be a rework of the Sugar Labs technology. 

However, we wondered what became of the Sugar Lab personnel themselves. It turns out they’ve transformed into 3D Systems “Culinary Lab”, where they explore and promote the idea of 3D printed food. 

Now the unit has announced a series of public workshops in which they’ll explain specific use patterns employing 3D Systems’ food technologies. The first event, scheduled for December 8th in Los Angeles, is described as: 

This intimate exploratory session will be lead in partnership with Executive Pastry Chef Kriss Harvey of SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills. Harvey and Culinary Lab designers will lead industry guests through the creation of a pastry-centric dish incorporating 3D printed elements. The session features a discussion of the design and collaboration process, as well as a tour of the commercial kitchen that includes demonstrations of the ChefJet Pro culinary 3D printer and a look at post production techniques.

We suspect the idea here is to open up the notion of 3D printed food elements to professional chefs who may in the future purchase 3D Systems gear to prepare food items themselves. It’s quite feasible, we believe, as the price of the 3D Systems food printers are reasonable when compared the price of other equipment found in commercial kitchens. The key is to educate chefs on the idea of 3D printed food. To many it likely seems to be science fiction, but such workshops may wash that idea away.

So, if you happen to be a professional chef in the Los Angeles area, you might want to check out the Culinary Lab’s schedule of events. 

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