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The CocoJet 3D Printer

3D Systems is getting more serious about edible printing, with the public demonstration of the CocoJet chocolate printer. 

We took a look at the impressive machine that is the CocoaJet at CES 2015 among the many 3D printers displayed at 3D Systems’ enormous booth. 

The CocoJet is reasonably large, being based on their quickly-becoming-standard CubeX platform (which itself was based on the BFB platform they acquired in 2010). 

However, it’s not a CubeX, as many printing components have been replaced with chocolate equivalents. The rather large print head shown here clearly includes mechanisms to ensure precise temperature control, which is critical for successful chocolate printing. 

The print volume is entirely enclosed, enabling precise temperature control. In fact, here you can see a very large fan vent on the starboard side of the CocoJet. 

The result of all this temperature control gadgetry is, as 3D Systems explains, “the most advanced 3D chocolate printer in operation.” 

3D Systems worked directly with The Hershey Company, who know a thing or two about making chocolate. 

One thing that isn’t clear, however, is 3D Systems’ plans for this device - and the rest of their growing fleet of food printers. We do not have pricing or availability information, nor an idea of how CocoJet fits in with their other devices. It seems that 3D Systems is slowly developing food printing technology for future deployment. 

Via 3D Systems

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