Design of the Week: Shopping Bag Handle

This week’s selection is the highly practical and possibly finger-saving Shopping Bag Handle by cgtrader contributor Even Erichsen.

This incredibly useful print is designed for anymore who does grocery shopping, which means you! The idea is to hook the typically heavy grocery bags over the handle, which provides an ergonomic grip that makes holding the bags far easier. 

If you use these things, you’ll no longer have the problem of overly-packed bags, filled with kilos of cheese and weight drinks, cut through your fingers as you walk the groceries back to your preferred method of transport home. There’s no longer a need to be concerned when the inexperienced shopping clerk overpacks your bags, so long as they’re double-bagged, as the Shopping Bag Handle will not avoid ripped bags. 

This item is provided for free download on cgtrader, which now boasts over 200,000 3D models for download, many of which are considered printable. It’s a great source for finding unusual 3D models. 

The downloadable file contains two Handles, one for each hand (they’re a mirror image of each other). They’re no doubt not precisely matched to your hand, but certainly should be usable for purpose by almost anyone. In any case, the idea is to provide strain relief for your fingers that will certainly be provided by this 3D print. 

One challenge is that the Handle does not have a flat bottom, meaning most 3D printer operators will have to print with a large amount of support material. 

Via cgtrader

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