The Ares Delta-Style Multi-Tool 3D Printer

By on January 13th, 2016 in printer

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Looking for a tall delta-style 3D printer that does more than just 3D printing? You might consider the Ares from Easyarts.

This delta machine from Wuhan, China includes a good number of key features:

  • Modular design permitting swapping of toolheads. The company says the machine is set up to accept a 3D printing hotend + extruder, CNC mill, Laser engraver and more
  • Robust metal frame that should reduce wobble and increase print quality
  • WiFi capability
  • Ability to design your own toolheads using open source interfaces, plus 15 ports to wire them up
  • Remote control monitoring potential, using standard software on the onboard Raspberry Pi processor
  • Working volume of around 200mm cylindrical by 200mm tall, depending on which tool you’re using

The best feature here is the very low price. While their initial pre-order is now closed and they’re producing the first units, the price at that time was only USD$650 for the base 3D printer. Additional toolheads could be added for around USD$70 each, with the Laser and Scanning module available. When Easyarts launches public sales of the Ares, the price will likely be higher, but we suspect still under USD$1,000, which is an incredibly good price for a multi-tool making machine. 

Easy arts’ crowdfunding launch raised a huge USD$103,000, meaning they have commitments from buyers to acquire around 1,500 machines. This scale of manufacturing is significant and will be a challenge to meet. If Easyarts can do so, they’ll likely end up with a very healthy business. 

Via Easyarts

By Kerry Stevenson

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