XYZprinting Capitalizes On Cubify’s Demise

By on February 3rd, 2016 in Corporate

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Taiwan-based XYZprinting’s new special offer is designed to pick up markets where Cubify left so abruptly.

Until recently, Cubify, 3D Systems’ consumer 3D printing brand, was one of the larger providers of 3D printing equipment to the world, and one of their prime markets was education. We’ve heard that well over 10,000 units were sold to educational institutions over the past few years. Alas, it was apparently insufficient for 3D System to continue with consumer-based 3D printing and they closed their Cubify brand just last month.

It’s a partial withdrawal; 3D Systems still sells the CubePro to educational markets, but it’s a far more expensive machine than their less-expensive Cube 3. Cubify’s withdrawal from the education market creates a significant gap that other 3D printer manufacturers may pounce on. 

One has done so yesterday. XYZprinting announced a special discount for “Consumers Whose Go-To 3D Printing Company is Going Out of Business”. They don’t explicitly say so, but it’s pretty clear that they mean Cubify.

Their offer is actually pretty good, and is termed as “Switch to XYZprinting”. The “From Cubify” is not mentioned, however. 

The details: They are offering the da Vinci Jr 1.0 for the ridiculously low price of only USD249.99 (USD$100 off) and the da Vinci 1.0 Pro for USD$599.95, (also USD$100 off). Note that the machines require proprietary filament cartridges that may cost somewhat more than generic filament spools – but in the education market, Cubify owners already had to deal with proprietary cartridges, so they are accustomed to this scenario. In any case, the cost of material for the XYZprinting machines is less than Cubify’s ever was. 

There’s some catches, though. To take part in this offer, you MUST provide the serial number for your Cubify 3D printer. No other brands are eligible. You can purchase only one printer at this price, as well, and is open only to US residents. 

Low prices for decent 3D printers? Always a good idea. 

Via XYZprinting

By Kerry Stevenson

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