An Inexpensive All-Metal Delta 3D Printer: Trium

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A very interesting delta 3D printer has been launched on Kickstarter, the Trium 3D printer. 

The Trium has a simple design and uses the delta approach for extrusion movement, instead of the more popular cartesian X-Y-Z motions. The current Trium model offers a 220mm diameter by 220mm tall cylindrical build volume, which should be more than sufficient for most 3D prints. The company says that it is easy to produce taller versions as well, presumably by simply extending the three struts holding it up. 

But there’s more than size to this machine. It is equipped to handle many different materials, as it includes a heated aluminum print surface that can be set as high as +130C, suitable for almost any material. Also, the hot end can be set at up to +265C, also suitable for many filament types. In fact, they list these 1.75mm filaments as being usable by the machine: 

  • ABS
  • PET
  • PETG

It’s also a pretty fast printer, with stated print speed of 120mm/second, about twice as fast as your typical desktop 3D printer. 

Wait, there’s more! The Trium includes an automated bed leveling process to make printing easy. There’s also a LCD control screen (not touch) and an SD card reader for offline 3D printing. 

No, there’s not a lot of bells and whistles here, but the Trium does include powerful capabilities and with its metal frame, should provide reliable print services. 

Software for the Trium is the standard open source options, such as Slic3r. It’s likely also possible to set up this machine in Simplify3D, if you happen to have a copy of that excellent tool. 

Now, the price. Their launch price is as low as only €399 (USD$437). That’s quite low for a moderately-sized delta 3D printer with these capabilities. Of course, the price will rise somewhat as more units are sold, but only to €449 (USD$493).

The Trium is produced by E-Mergin, a small team based in Luxembourg, who seem to be putting this together in their spare time. If so, they appear to have done a pretty decent job. However, watch out for the shipping costs if you’re located far from Luxembourg. 

Via Kickstarter and Facebook

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