Can You Use ReCap 360 On An iPad? Yes You Can!

By on April 1st, 2016 in Software

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Well, sort of. Autodesk has announced a technology preview of ReCap 360 Mobile that qualified persons can join. 

What’s ReCap 360? It’s a very high-quality service from Autodesk that creates detailed 3D models from scan or image data. I’ve used this service multiple times for photogrammetry purposes and found it produces excellent results, as you can see in this series of posts

While ReCap 360 is a pay-for service, it actually offers a free option to process images only, which is quite suitable for many readers of this blog. 

The new preview is explained: 

ReCap 360 Mobile is a free* technology preview from Autodesk for viewing, annotating, and sharing 3D laser scan projects created in Autodesk ReCap 360. ReCap 360 users can now bring their projects into the field to streamline maintenance, demolition, and construction workflows. ReCap 360 Mobile also includes iPad-enabled features such as offline mode and directly attaching new photos to annotations.

If you are accepted into the program, you’ll gain access to a new version of ReCap 360 that runs on certain models of iPad. However, as required by your participation, you’ll have to provide feedback: 

I agree that Autodesk may contact me to ask for my feedback (including surveys) on improving the technology, to request permission to use my content beyond those covered by the terms of use, and to send me information about Labs updates and new Labs technology previews. 

They also will have a forum dedicated to discussions around the new product. 

The entry form doesn’t seem to ask much beyond basic “tombstone” information, so it’s likely you’ll be accepted into the program. 

If you are interested in 3D scanning, particularly on the go with a mobile device, you might want to try this preview and lend Autodesk a hand. 

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