Big Changes In 3D Print Tradeshows: AMShows Lights Up

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There’s a new 3D print tradeshow in the works and it could become one of the leading venues for the industry. 

You might recall 3D Printshow, which put on several excellent shows over the past few years. That show is now concluded, as their operations have been absorbed by a new entity in the past few months. 

The new entity is the Tarsus Group, one of the world’s largest tradeshow companies, responsible for producing around 90 (ninety!) major industrial trade shows around the world. They’re responsible for such shows as the Dubai Air Show, Flower Show Turkey, Global Educational Supplies and Solutions and the Labelexpo series of exhibitions. All of these are massive trade shows with tens of thousands of attendees. 

Now they’ve decided to focus their tremendous resources and tradeshow expertise towards 3D printing technologies. They’ve taken the building blocks of the old 3D Printshow and created a new production: the Additive Manufacturing Show, or “AMShow”. 

It’s going to be a little different from 3D Printshow, in that the former event focused mostly on desktop equipment and educational or artistic projects, where the new show has a definite industrial focus, hence the change in branding. 

There’s a focus on industrial applications, primarily healthcare, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing. 

As such, their very first event, scheduled for June 28-30 in Amsterdam, you’ll see most of the major industrial and professional 3D print firms represented. At this time, it seems they’ve contracted with over 90 exhibitors, which is quite healthy for the first run of a new tradeshow. 

Tarsus also plans to produce a second AMShow in California in December, which I believe is actually a great time of year for that part of the world. 

If you’re interested in the industrial applications of 3D printing you should check out whichever of these shows is more conveniently located for you. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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