The AMbigram

The world’s largest ever 3D printed exhibition booth is set for display at Formnext, and it’s called “The AMbigram”.

Formnext Angling For US Dominance

With the conclusion of this year’s Formnext conference in Germany, organizers made a startling announcement: they are strongly moving into the US market.

To CES, Or Not?

In a few weeks the annual Consumer Electronics Show will take place in Las Vegas.

XYZ Shaping Free Dimensions

Amsterdam is the location of a new exposition featuring 3D printing. “XYZ Shaping Free Dimensions” takes place from April 2 to June 2 at Prinsengracht 266.    The exposition, evidently sponsored by Ground3d in cooperation with CNCPT13, an Amsterdam concept gallery, features many notable 3D print artists, including: Ilse Vermeulen, Ervinck Nick, Eric van Straaten,… Continue reading XYZ Shaping Free Dimensions

SuperScan Digitizes the World

A partnership between digital scanning company CyArk and science media company Science Visualization could bring the world’s treasures to a science center near you.    The team combines expertise to create a traveling exhibition that commences in 2014 called, “SuperScan: Digitizing the World”. CyArk has been digitally scanning notable structures across the world. Science Visualizations… Continue reading SuperScan Digitizes the World

3DEA’s Garden of 3D Printing

Located in Midtown Manhattan is (or was if they’ve closed it by now) the 3DEA exhibition. It’s a temporary showing of 3D printing technology for the public sponsored by several industry notables. The purpose, as far as we can tell, is to educate the public on the technology by demonstrating equipment and displaying fantastic 3D… Continue reading 3DEA’s Garden of 3D Printing

Thirty Artists are CALMed with 3D Printing

The University of Exeter’s Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) recently hosted a collaboration between 30 artists and its engineers to leverage 3D printing technology.    The event was intended to introduce 3D printing technology to curious artists who expressed an interest in trying out the new approach. According to the University:     The… Continue reading Thirty Artists are CALMed with 3D Printing

Insects Au Gratin

What might you expect to find at an exhibition entitled, “Insects Au Gratin”.   Why yes, you guess correctly.   This exhibition details 3D food printing, but with a twist: the print material is a flour made from “dried insects combined with soft cheese.” Why would anyone do this? Because:   “Insects Au Gratin looks… Continue reading Insects Au Gratin

Battle at EuroMold

EuroMold is a massive trade conference held in Frankfurt each year, billed as “World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development”. According to European Plastics News, this year poses to be a showdown among low-cost 3D Printer manufacturers. We add that it’s actually just the *commercial* 3D printer manufacturers, as we could not… Continue reading Battle at EuroMold

The Future of Objects Exhibition

Two contrasting exhibitions open in Pasadena California this month: a historical examination of “The Curious World of Patent Models”, and the more contemporary “Future of Objects”. The former looks at physical models constructed for patent application, as was the custom before 1880. Fortunately for inventors, this is no longer a requirement – but imagine if… Continue reading The Future of Objects Exhibition

Materialise Replicates King Tut!

The Discovery Times Square Exposition in New York City has a unique addition to its display of Tutankhamen artifacts: King Tutankhamen himself! Or at least a very precise replica of his mummy.    Artist Gary Staab was commissioned to prepare the replica, and he turned to 3D service Materialise for assistance. Using their sophisticated Mimics… Continue reading Materialise Replicates King Tut!

The Parallellipipeda Exhibition

The Singularity Hub reports on an exhibition taking place at the M Museum in Leuven, Belgium, where the Parallellipipeda Project attempts to leverage the Parallelepiped geometric shape.    Amazing sculptures, plates, light fixtures and even furniture are being shown until 25 April. They’ve even included a 3D scanning booth, courtesy of EyeTronics, in which you… Continue reading The Parallellipipeda Exhibition

Bios in San Jose!

The ZER01 Art and Technology Network is preparing for what promises to be a spectacular event in September 2010 in San Jose, California. The event is an art exhibition held every two years, and this year’s theme is “Build Your Own World”. Now that’s the a theme Fabbaloo readers would like to hear more about.… Continue reading Bios in San Jose!

MCOR Exhibits in the UK

MCOR, who market a unique 3D printer based on paper media, have been doing significant marketing lately. This time they are participating at the 100% Design Exhibition in London, taking place at Earl’s Court between Sept 24th and 27th. This “world-class interiors show” apparently draws more than 25,000 attendees. According to MCOR’s press release, they’ve… Continue reading MCOR Exhibits in the UK

Chicago: A Modeled City

  The Chicago Architecture Foundation is presenting “Chicago Model City” from now until November of this year. It’s a gigantic and highly detailed three-dimensional model of the windy city’s downtown towers. Note the relative size of the individuals in the image above. City models are not a new phenomenon – but in the past their… Continue reading Chicago: A Modeled City

Metropolitan Works Exhibits

  They’ve just recently opened, and now the new Metropolitan Works has an interesting exhibition going on. According to dezeen: An exhibition featuring work by designers including Tord Boontje, Timorous Beasties and Antony Gormley opens at creative industry centre Metropolitan Works in London on Monday. (That would be Monday, February 9th, 2009) Judging by the… Continue reading Metropolitan Works Exhibits