Does EOS’s Texas Beachhead Signal A Metal 3D Printing Invasion?

By on May 8th, 2016 in Corporate

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German industrial 3D printer manufacturer EOS announced the opening of a new Texas operation. What does this suggest? 

The announcement indicated EOS’s new facility has opened in the oddly-named city of Pflugerville, just northeast of Austin. In the facility, they’re not manufacturing machines, but instead performing a number of different functions. Here’s their list: 

  • iLab – Here materials and systems testing will support EOS experts as they directly work with customers and identify tailored solutions that overcome design and manufacturing hurdles for specific end parts.
  • AM Ventures – This entity helps people get their ideas to market using AM. AM Ventures develops the manufacturing side of an idea, while the startup handles marketing and sales. This program is the first of its kind for EOS globally.
  • Working Showroom – Containing all EOS systems—from the smaller EOS M 100 metal system to the larger EOS M 400 system, as well as small and large plastic systems—the showroom provides benchmarking and hands-on training for customers, as well as “AM Experience” tours.
  • Regional System Modifications – Custom modifications to systems or software are performed in-house.
  • Service Hotline and Aftermarket Ordering – This serves as a distribution hub for consumables such as filters and materials.
  • Application Consulting – Experts work directly with potential and existing customers to determine if an application is conducive for AM, helping them identify their end-product goals.

After reading through that list, it seems quite clear they have strong intentions of making a great many sales of their equipment to American buyers. The entire facility’s purpose seems to be to convince those shopping for commercial 3D printing equipment to consider EOS. 

It’s a showroom beyond just a showroom. Sure, there are other activities taking place, but imagine if you took a tour of the facility. You’d see all this capability beyond just the machines and that could significantly add to your confidence in purchasing EOS equipment. I think that’s one of their primary goals here. 

EOS also announced they’re currently staffed at 100 personnel in the USA, including 30 service folks. That’s likely to grow if the new facility is successful in attracting more buyers.

But will there be more buyers? I think there could be: it seems that several industries are “catching on” to the idea of metal 3D printing, making that a very hot topic in recent months. 

It just turns out that EOS offers a very powerful metal 3D printer, too. 

Strike while the iron is hot. 


By Kerry Stevenson

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