Weistek’s MiniToy 3D Printer For Kids Is Coming

By on May 7th, 2016 in printer

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Our team first saw the MiniToy at CES in January, and it looked pretty good for a children’s 3D printer. Now the launch is imminent.

There are a great many types of desktop 3D printers in the world, but very few are aimed at children, like Weistek’s new MiniToy device. Most are oriented for professional use or tinkering by highly skilled hobbyists, neither of which are appropriate for children. 

The MiniToy attacks this problem head on by using a unique and kid-friendly design. Indeed, the styling is very reminiscent of other toys you’d find in any young child’s possession. That look alone makes it a “toy”. But the MiniToy has more “children features” than just looks. 

The MiniToy design ensures the safety of children by hiding the more dangerous components inside the mechanism. 

What’s most interesting about this machine is the price: only USD$249 for their product launch. This is just about the cheapest 3D printer I’ve seen for sale, children’s machine or not, unless it was a kit you’d build yourself, but the MiniToy comes completely assembled. 

One of the best features on the MiniToy is the humongous cartoon crank on the side, which turns as the machine prints. It’s entirely frivolous to the function, and would be ridiculous to include on any professional machine, but for the MiniToy audience, it’s pure gold. 

The Kickstarter campaign launches on May 10th, so not far away at all. If you’re interested in acquiring one of these devices at the lowest possible cost, you’d best get in on the action as soon as you can. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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