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 The Hercules 3D printer from Imprinta
The Hercules 3D printer from Imprinta

We took a look at 3D printers from Russia recently, but the interesting part of the story isn’t the hardware. 

Imprinta is a 3D printing startup from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Where is this city you may never have heard of? It’s in the middle of Russia, Siberia actually, and holds over 1M people. 

 In case you don't know where Krasnoyarsk is located
In case you don’t know where Krasnoyarsk is located

The company launched recently, in 2014 but those behind it had been working in 3D printing for a few years before that. Their current flagship product is the Hercules Strong desktop 3D printer, shown at top. 

The Hercules Strong has a rather large volume for a desktop unit at 300 x 300 x 400mm, so you will be able to print reasonably large items in ABS, PLA or HIPS plastics on its heated print surface. The single extruder has a nozzle diameter of 0.3mm, meaning it should be able to produce finer details than other units with 0.4mm nozzles.  

 The Hercules 3D printer from Imprinta
The Hercules 3D printer from Imprinta

The two models of Hercules, the basic and the Strong, are priced at €1,000 (USD$1,100) and €3,000 (USD$3,300) respectively. 

I was curious about the company’s sales operations and was told that they first sold the Hercules in Krasnoyarsk, and then gradually expanded to Moscow, followed by the remainder of Russia, where you can find this machine for sale with local resellers. 

 Inside the Hercules 3D printer from Imprinta
Inside the Hercules 3D printer from Imprinta

I asked about the effect western sanctions had on the company and the currency fluctuations had a negative effect, since most of their sales are within Russia. To diversify operations, they’re hoping to establish a greater degree of sales outside of Russia. 

If you’re a western reseller looking for 3D printing equipment to sell, you might want to take a look at Imprinta. 

Via Imprinta (Russian)

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